Momming in a Pandemic

An ongoing weekly virtual group for moms with babies & toddlers.

Do you ever find these days that you're...

  • So exhausted from making decisions that all feel impossible?

  • Feeling more anxiety, or getting less sleep, or finding it tough to focus? 

  • Grappling with the reality of your child's childcare or education situation?

  • Grieving the loss of your support system, your people, your activities, your routine? 

  • Wanting to scream if you have to figure out what to make for dinner one. more. time?


Trying to find your way through this wild time is hard enough -

let's lighten the load by doing it together!

Join us for a virtual space to connect with other moms and find what we all need right now: Strategies to navigate this reality, and a community to navigate it alongside you. Support (and be supported BY) other moms who get it, in a virtual group setting facilitated by Maternal Wellness specialists, Holly Kennedy, LPC, PMH-C, and Ellen Jones, NCC, PMH-C. Our Momming group is open to all moms and to all topics you might have on your mind: Come as you are, bring your challenges and your joys, and get ready to add this weekly reminder that you're not alone - we're all in this together!

Your first session is always free!

After that, choose from an unlimited membership or drop in*

*Drop in is subject to availability

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