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Coaching & Trainings for Individuals, Groups, & Workplaces

1:1 Coaching

Make a plan that works for you.


Get informed & connected.

In the Workplace

Enhance your office culture.

1:1 Virtual Coaching

Our coaching packages are a fantastic option for you if you have specific challenges you’d like to address, goals you’d like to reach, or if you’re looking to get on the same page with your partner. We recommend a package to get you started, and our clients often add on from there. Come away with a customized plan to keep your momentum going.


Gain information, strategies, and connection, and support other moms along the way.

Our virtual groups provide an opportunity to gain information, connect with other moms, and support each other along the way. Mother Tree Wellness utilizes research-based best-practice strategies in order to help our members reach their goals. As a member, you receive ongoing group and individual support throughout your group to keep your momentum going.

Learn more about our Confident & Connected Group for moms with babies up to 12 months.

In the Workplace

Invest in your Workforce

Working moms with a solid support system in the office show higher rates of retention, productivity, and job satisfaction after maternity leave. Let Mother Tree Wellness Group’s Certified Perinatal Mental Health professionals create that support system through our lunchtime workshop series. We’ll come to your office, provide a space for the women on your staff to discuss the challenges they’re facing in motherhood, and we’ll help them find solutions.
What’s in it for You?
Higher retention rates, more productivity, and a happier workforce of women who feel invested in their work and in their office community. Contact us to work out the details.


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