Mother Tree Wellness was a blessing during my postpartum recovery, especially in the isolation of the pandemic. The Coaching Group linked me to these two wonderful women - but also gave me a network of fantastic new moms experiencing the same hard, beautiful things. The Group also gave me foundational language and concepts so I could better understand the crazy [totally normal] changes I was experiencing and how my world was rapidly evolving. I feel better informed and prepared to continue my growth as a new mom - and I have better tools to handle the inevitably hard days. It takes a village to raise a child - and moms need a village too in order to thrive.

Surviving & Thriving Group Member

I had the pleasure of working with Holly recently and it has truly changed my life! I struggled with prenatal depression with my first child (age5) and have been wavering between depression and anxiety ever since. After several sessions with Holly I feel the most relaxed I’ve ever felt as a parent, grounded while dealing with difficult situations and overall more present with my husband, kids and those around me. Her positivity is contagious, her suggestions so helpful and her strategies so simple to implement right away. She and Ellen are offering a much needed service for moms, particularly in the midst of a pandemic!

Robin Truxel, Owner of Tru Strong Mama

Ellen and Holly are wonderful facilitators of the motherhood community. They show you that you are not alone and there are others out there like you, that care and understand what you are going through.

I connected with Ellen and Holly at a fortuitous time: at the start of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Their weekly support provided me with concrete, simple plans to help with regulating my anxiety, which escalated during the period of social quarantine. They offered me compassion and validation as I processed the myriad of emotions that surfaced when I was confined at home with two young children. During virtual group meet-ups, Ellen and Holly cultivated a warm, safe space in which parents felt comfortable enough to share vulnerably even though most participants had never met in person. They are thoughtful and considerate women who truly care about their clients. I'm lucky to have connected with them.

Maggie, Mother & Birth Worker

Surviving & Thriving Group Member

Mother Tree Wellness did an amazing job running a webinar for our associates on coping with stress and anxiety during this extraordinary time of Covid-19.  Their professionalism and exceptional skill and dedication to quickly develop a webinar that fit our associates' needs on this delicate topic was amazing. Given Holly and Ellen’s mental health background and depth of experience, they created a strong resource to help our associates navigate this time with actual steps they can take to help reduce stress. Their vast knowledge along with their desire to help others learn and make the world a better place showed through during the webinar. I would recommend their services to any company or person looking to reduce their stress and have better mental  health.   

Holly, Associate Director of Human Resources, Cognizant

As a clinician at The Women's Initiative, Holly and Ellen's in-service training on maternal mental health was insightful, informative, and invaluable to my work with postpartum mothers. Their presentation on postpartum motherhood was done in a unique, clear, and memorable way. They are both experts in the field, which is evidenced by the breadth and depth of their knowledge. They are a treasure trove of knowledge and resources! And, their gentle and caring natures make them both a natural fit for working with postpartum mothers. 
Clinician, The Women's Initiative

Ellen and Holly provided our members with invaluable information and discussion through their well-planned monthly workshops. Their open, approachable, understanding manner set the tone for a safe space for us to share our stories, discuss our struggles, and gain support from each other. As a team, they are knowledgeable, caring, and devoted to their work with local mamas. So thankful for Mother Tree Wellness!

Kira Sullivan, Owner, One Fit Mother

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